History tells you where a place has been, how it came to be and it’s importance.  Ever changing traditions that stem from past generations are the glue that hold bonds together.  Bethany was established in 1912          with a strong midset of the bible.  The goal was family worship and prayer.  A congregation of ……..members strived to be devoted followers of Jesus.  It has been said Sunday meals would be cooked on saturday in their wood stoves so that time could be spent with family or fellowshiping with the congregation on the 7th day, a day of rest.  Christmas wreaths were a group effort from everyone as they collected cut evergreen branches and put them together with wire and who could ever forget the popular quilting circles with the famous yodeling of a loved one.  I bet you could still find some interesting stories upon this churches members or even maybe someone that would be willing to teach a trade of yester year.
Present: Somewhere in between traditions passing forward as well as new traditions being established.  We are a quaint chapel that on Sunday houses a small group of mixed generations and backgrounds ready to welcome anybody that walks through the doors.  Don’t let the sign scare you we are not your a typical “frozen chosen”  but still a work in progress.
Points of Interest:
* Boyscout Troop
* Facilities for Families
* After school Program
* Small Ministries
We are sinners, hypocrites, lovers of God and always mess up but our intentions and hearts are good.


 Future: Taking a little of the past and present to mold what will become.
Our Goals: 
We need your help to become what once was.  A place of families, a solid ground to the lost needing to be found,  an environment helping the community to feel they belong, and a place where creativity can flow.  Keeping our creed the bible while creating a space allowing meditation, tradition and praise to come and grow together.  Going out and spreading what Jesus taught by example and continuing to try to be people of God.  Sharing, Laughing, and Praising together .